Sunday, January 25, 2009

Soylent Green

The story of Soylent Green goes back to almost 12 years ago, when I was in high school. A friend of mine who I call him The Little Mouse here was a big movie watcher. He actually is the one who had a big impression on me. You know what they say: It takes a village to raise a child. He was part of the village. But obviously way behind my parents.
Anyways one day he told me about the movie he had recently seen and called it green biscuit, narrated it a bit to me. I forgot that and never recalled it until last week. I was talking to my love and she said that she just had finished her breakfast. I asked her what she had had and she said tea and biscuit. I said mentioned to her that she should have nutritious breakfast for example, egg, butter, cheese, honey, baked beans and so on and suddenly there was a spark in my head: I asked her if she had green biscuit for her breakfast and she asked what green biscuit was. I told her all I knew. I said that someone’s investigation leads to find out how green biscuit, a major meal in a very populated world of 21st century, is made. They are made of corpses!
That made me to do a quick little search on the net. When I punched green biscuit nothing came up and the closest match was Soylent Green and that’s the title of the 1973 movie. The term soylent comprises of Soy which is clearly soy, the liquid made of soybean and lent, short for lentil which is the round, flattened seed of plant lentil and one of my favourite meals. So Soylent Green is supposedly a very nutritious biscuit which comes in green and is distributed between the hungry people of year 2022 and only in Tuesdays because it’s very hard to come by.
A very prominent figure’s death in New York City makes a hard working detective to finds out what really Soylent Green is made of. This is as far as I’m goin’ to tell here because the movie should be seen and to be quite honest I was impressed by what the screenwriter have done as I have seen lots of science-fictions and that was new to me, a 1973 movie. Not to mention that the director, novelist, actors and actresses are all good. I don’t think it’s easy to find this movie in regular movie rentals like Rogers and Blockbuster but worth trying, for sure. I bought it from Amazon. The movie is not expensive but they charge you for shipping and handling. So if you’re really a collector, wait and order that with a few more and could save a few bucks.
(Photo: Police is trying to disperse the angry and hungry crowd. They are furious over not receiving Soylent Green)

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