Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Good Lesson for the Assholes

This entire North American society is built on fake and unnecessary beliefs. Now during this hard time of economic slump, many stupid industries are going down and talking the assholes with to deep shit with themselves.
The most recent fall down is one stupid company called Conquest Vacations. This is among many companies which takes the asshole all the way to shitholes like Mexico, Barbados, etc. Just imagine this: Most of the people have never seen further than their noses, go all the way to get undress and show their legs, bum or tits and find one-night-stand mates! So this top-rated high-quality service company took the people to fuck each other on the sands and then left them there and declared bankruptcy!
You fuck each other all the time in your cars, in the public washroom at your places and even in the office. Is this so important to fly that long to do the same thing over there?! If it is now you get fucked in the ass and get stranded in the airport with unpaid bills, you moron.
One of these faggots scumbags called his/her mom and asked to send money so s/he can pay the hotel's bill that his favorite travel agency had refused to earlier!
Many other of the fake and stupid industries are suffering heavily these days and people are being laid off daily. I just name a few: Ballet(!!) NHL and other professional sports (Big decrease in the number of tickets sold), etc. But this people have been brought up like this and they just woke up! But this is too late and not helpful. Another example is the morons who get tattoos for $50 or more and have no food to eat but McDonald's(!!) What can you say?! The only thing I can say when I see these type is: It's obvious and I can easily tell that you're an asshole, no need to prove it!

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