Monday, April 20, 2009

How Did They Fuck Themselves?

Canada is founded based on immigration and accepts immigrants and refugees every day. I don't understand this fucking system! You have people here but the assholes, all they want to do is smoking pot, drink beer and fuck women (or men, if they are girls) and then you have to import people to do the jobs!

I remember once I read that for one of the big projects in B. C., I guess it's Golden Ear Bridge, They let construction workers from Poland or some other craphole like that!

So they've been doing it and now they regret! I never knew that I was goin' to live in a country that people hate each other so much! This neighbourhood is Chinese, this one is East Indian, that one is Italian! Why the fuck can't you live like human beings all together? They must be separated by fences like animals in a zoo. The pages that I've scanned and put up here is a good example. A large population of East Indians who most of them are Punjabis live in Surrey and now the Caucasian people complain! Read what's in the paper. Why the fuck you are complaining? You, fucking idiots, you let them in and now they're taking over!
(Photo: Scan of part of the local newspaper published in Surrey, indicating people's concern regarding not paying enough attention to Christians)

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M said...

that was a great question,,,
realy why ?

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