Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Midnight Express

I don't write regularly as I used to because basically there's nothing to write. That's just the stupid job and boring chores. The only thing new and notable(!) is I have to work up to 01:30 AM and because there's no public transit and I have no vehicle I have to ride an old road bike all the way home.
I've got this old but really fast road bike from the City for free and spend a little more than $100 and it's good. It's only 20 KM from work to home but there're dangerous downhills with intersections and hard hills to go up and it's not really pleasant to do that after 8 hours of boring stupid work and at that time of the night. I did it for the second time last night and I guess I was home in less that 55 min. Good practice. I have a few more days like this but I hope I won't have to ride the bike home in the all said days.

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