Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pre-Halloween Carving

I just found a little pumpkin carving for Halloween today and that was interesting. The camera I used, none of mine, was not a good one so I didn't get a good shot but still want to display this. I hope there will be opportunities to 31th and I can take better photos.
(Photo: Pumpkin carving in a cold and rainy day while sipping coffee from a travel mug and gulping beer from a glass!)


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Had no idea u could carve the face of the pumpkin and not just cut pieces out to make a lantern.

I used to do sculpting on wood and chalk back in Iran but have never tried carving Pumpkins and a competition is coming up at my workplace for Halloween and have no idea what to do :D


The Tough Guy said...

That's a lot of fun. Those ones with a candle inside look very nice at night. I'll try to find a few for photography.