Monday, October 05, 2009

Why Do I Hate Tim Horton's?

Tim Horton's, the most popular coffee shop in Canada, which is originally Canadian is not my favorite. It was founded by a player of Toronto Maple Leafs, Tim Horton, was sold to Americans and now is in possession of Canadians again.
There was a time I used to go there every day. Now, I just try to avoid and might even start a campaign to stop people from going there, something might never happened. I have nothing against Tim. I don't know him much. He's a guy from the past, a great Hockey player and a successful businessman but I just don't like the policies.
The first thing you see when you step in a Tim Horton's is We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service (!!) What a load of crap! And what an asshole whoever who put that up! All I've seen so far is welcome to this or welcome to that, we do out best for you to provide you a good time you're here and these assholes start their service with that stupid sign. One colleague of mine said once that they did that because of all the disturbance used to happens in cafes but's another stupid reason. Every fast food might have the same problem. McDonald's has worse problems. McDonald's is usually the gathering point for homeless, street drug dealers, prostitutes and so on. Students usually go there after their school as well to get a burger and soft drink or any other crap. It's most of the time not a pleasant place to stay and It's not just because of the inhabitants, the food is mostly inedible. But they don't post such a stupid sign. Instead, the people who work there rise their hand at the corner and say: Can I Help the Next Guest Here! You see the difference?
(Photo: The Stupid sign at one Tim Horton's shop)

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