Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reese's Bar

I'm a person who usually eats a lot but at the same time tries to keep a low weight! I'm currently around 195 Lb and I can't resist revealing my new discovery: Reese's peanut butter chocolate bar!I found the damn good chocolate bar in a Mac's store and ever since I find it very hard to ignore! The strange thing is I've checked a few store and major supermarkets and none of them carry it! So if you're a chocolate lover and not allergic to peanut butter, try that for sure. You'll love it!
(Photo, updated Nov.15.09: Resse's bar is a limited edition product as it's seen here!)

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Anonymous said...

Hey my tough bro!

I do agree with u on the Reese's addictive taste. I used to eat them all day long as my fave snack and I owed a lot of my extra pounds to it :))

I have a new post on "Survival Rifles" which are fancy items to add to one's long gun collections good for backpacking.

I personally haven't had a chance to buy one yet, but would get one when I found a decently priced one.

Take care brother