Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flashback (20): The Grudge

I regret my life and the wrongdoings in the past few years. I should have worked and studied harder I think. Then I would be in a better situation now. I don't know may be not because there are people who had better situation that I did and they are in shit as well.
But the part I regret is hanging out with my buddies. I wish I still had that opportunity. This could mean nothing to many but is very amusing to me.
P. M. called me one night and said he wanted to watch a movie and named it as The Grudge. I told him that I did not know anything about that and also did not find it in movie listing. He said that it was showing in discount type of theatres now. I'm not sure about Brit"SHIT" Columbia but in Calgary there is (or may be was!) a theatre in NE part of the town that you could watch one week or longer movies in a small theatre with the almost same quality. So P. M. (not the Prime Minister) wanted to see me there. I looked at the address at the time and found it close to me place, may be only 10 to 15 Min. drive. I went there and waited and waited and I remember it was a cold and gloomy evening and he was late and I called him and his Dad picked up and I mixed him up with him which was very embarrassing! And he eventually showed up with his stupid and calm grim on his face and surprisingly we got there on time.
And what a movie! I could not watch it completely and had to cover my eyes at time! I don't recall much of that night. P. M. is still doing fine. He finished his 2-year program at SAIT after probably 4 years or longer! (He had as long as months off) got a job, got laid off because according to himself his boss told him that he expected more from him and then he got into another program, I guess an engineering one this one, a B. Sc., in Thunder Bay and that's where he is now. Now I believe people like P. M. are successful in life. People who are always calm and take everything easy, laugh and smile at everything. His ignorance and dumbness was (and I bet still is) significant. But should not forget that he always had the opportunity to stay with his parents the entire time that he did not have a job and was not doing well. I wish him better days. May be I envy him in some ways!

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