Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CF Medical And Else

I went to the CF office in Vancouver today for a medical examination and interview. The medical exam was performed by first a woman and then by a man. They asked questions and filled out forms. Fortunately there was not any health issue but the side of the toes inflammation (I don’t know the medical term for that).
I explained to him that the physician sent me to a lab for a blood test to see if the Uric Acid level had exceeded normal. He then told me that I have to go and get the information and bring it to them. He gave me a form for that. So I have to go to Squamish to the walking clinic. He said because working in the Navy requires long time standing and walking he wanted to make sure that it won't cause problems later.
Then when I was leaving the medical office another officer came to me and asked my name. I found out soon that he was the officer who wanted to give me information about my career. He said that my background check had started in March of 2007 and may take another year or so! I said that my capabilities will deteriorate but he said I have to keep myself in a good shape.
CF office in West Georgia, Vancouver will be moved to New Westminster starting this Nov. I still want to join. My 52 weeks training will be held in three provinces of British Columbia, Quebec and Nova Scotia, I can retire early and will learn a lot about engines, propulsion systems and I will be also taught French. I think that will be perfect. The only disadvantage would be separation from the family.

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