Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Dense Population

I have 3 government jobs lined up for me at the moment, 2 with the Federal Government and one with the Provincial Government. Not that I will get all of them or even one. I'll try my hardest. So I went to the municipality today for some application related work and Jesus I had to circle around for about 10 minutes and eventually I did not find a parking spot and I left parked in a nearby road and walked for about 6 min., something that most of people don't want to do simply because they are so freaking lazy. So anyways I went in and it didn't take long. There was a very helpful and nice lady over there and she did everything quickly and accurately without a charge of course and I was out of there in less than 20 min.
It was there that I found out why the municipality is planned to be relocated to a new place. Many major offices are gathered in one place and there is usually not enough parking spot for the people who have businesses with municipality itself, the court, the national police or so on. I hope the move will be a wise one, making life easier both for the employees and customers.

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