Monday, May 23, 2011

Benefits and Disadvantages of Coffee

I've written about coffee several time but I believe that most of the stuff we drink here in North America is not pure coffee! They blend different things including chemicals and essences and sell as coffee starting $1.5 at least. Coffee companies, though compete to sell more of this coffee-like stuff on daily basis and as I said there are lots of them.

At the same time there are others who either are looking for fame or just doing a trail and error. Once it's said that coffee is dangerous because it causes brain stroke. In a week you here that they say coffee is good for prostate cancer! So what the hell? Am I supposed to drink the damn thing or not after all?

I personally only drink McDonald's but even that one was stopped by me. I save a lot now! I simply buy a can for about $6 and have it for a month or even more. Nabob is the one that I'm stuck to but I will change it as soon as I find a rel coffee, even if it's more expensive.

(Photo: A cup of Joe like this is barely served in Canada. They are usually in big paper cups of mugs and loaded with cream or milk. Not to mention the amount of artificial sweetener added!)

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