Thursday, May 26, 2011

A New Type of Fraud

we've been looking for a nice place since we moved into this damn apartment! This is just a dump, like many other apartments in Calgary and in general in Canada! They are mostly old, dating back to 60s or 70s, wood framed with annoying noises, thin walls that you can here the neighbours and outside, you name it! In fact anything less than $1200 a month is not a place to live in.
So we look around the net everyday and check websites. There's this new wave of fraud through rentals that the person says that he or she is somewhere far away, usually in Africa on a religious mission and asks you to send him or her a cheque or money through Western Union or so.
Someone should be so stupid to be tricked by these e-mails but since there're many such people I decided to reveal the truth. The funny thing is most of the ads are so obvious that a wise person would say It's Too Good To Be True as soon as see it but they're trying! So beware. We have come across 3 of these assholes so far.

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