Wednesday, May 25, 2011

End of the Battle

I eventually bought insurance for my vehicle yesterday after 2 weeks of arguing with different insurance companies. You'd be amazed if I told you with whom I ended up with: ICBC! My insurance for 6 month is $981 which is way better than many quotes that I had but I had to pay a big ticket I had received: $598!
It's much better because I won't have the hassle of the damn Out of Province Inspection, re-registration and all those stupid paperwork again. Just the damn inspection would cost me around $130! I am not sure but I think I still have unpaid tickets from 2007 and before and those could be on the top of everything else!
The question here is what would happen if I renewed every year? It's so easy. All I have to do is just to go to the closest Autoplan and give a British Columbia address! Won't people take a vacation once a year? That could be in B. C.!

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