Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ignorant Crooks of Brit"SHIT" Columbia

I've seen many motherfucker crooks and fraudulent people in my life but these pieces of stinky crap motherfucker animals of Ignorant Crooks of Brit"SHIT" Columbia (ICBC) are the worst in the entire world. You think burglars who break and enter are criminals? You think CRA has been recently involved in fraud? You think Qaddafi and Mubarak stole billions from their own people? ICBC, the Ignorant Crooks of Brit"SHIT" Columbia is much worse.Someone explains to me that what kind of democracy it is that people are forced to have their vehicle insurance with one and only one company?
I was reading this book for my N. P. P. E. and came across the term Duress which means when someone is forced and threatened to do something as a part of a contract. What kind of law is being practiced in this country that people are forced to have a contract with a company only?! You call countries like Pakistan, Syria and Libya dictatorships? What kind of administration Government of Brit"SHIT" Columbia's is?
Apparently people are so fucking busy with their six pack, their Marijuana cigar or NHL Playoffs and all of them are shut. Is there anybody who speaks up?!
(Photo: ICBC Logo. The road the ICBC people take is the road which takes them to lots of money and easy retirement. The road the customer take is the road to bankruptcy, loss and frustration)

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