Monday, August 08, 2011

Good Coffee, Good Earth

Coffee, as I've written about it several time is the most favorite drink in Canada but that's not because people like to drink it more often, it's because it gives them a very mild relaxation that they can only get through alcohol when drank a little. And because they can't drink alcohol that much then coffee would be a good choice.

This was just a preface to tell you a short story about we, trying a different coffee house: Good Earth. Their coffee is good but expensive: $2 for a medium size. Their, bakery goods, I asked they make them on premises, is delicious and filling and a little expensive as well but if you don't care about the price, go ahead.

Last piece of information: You might want to pay $14.95 for an one Ounce bag of Colombian! That's almost 2 times a regular coffee in a supermarket.

(Photo: I should have posted a better picture but I didn't have a better camera on and was not sure they let me take a photo. I like that cup with steams coming off!)

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