Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jack Was Here (2)

I've gotta say that I'm really surprised by the way the Government, politicians, especially the foes, I'd like to call them, and ordinary people treated Jack Layton after his sudden death this week. A state funeral which leaders from all the parties and present and past politicians and people all take part. I didn't no much of him but I know that his efforts moved his party from the third place to the very strong second in the past few years.
I wonder what would happen to a politician in the old country, if the same thing happened to him? Would his opposition treat him the same way Layton got here in Canada? That's something respectable. His battle in both field of politics and cancer is appreciable. Sure this Jack is not that Jack but no doubt he has done more for his country otherwise people would not line up for hours to pay him respect.
(Photo: Jack Layton's casket arrives at Toronto City Hall where he used to work and it's said did a lot for poor and homeless as well as others)

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