Sunday, August 21, 2011

Down and Out in Calgary

I previously wrote about my feeling in life and that was actually a long time ago. This time I decided to feel practically what Orwell realized in his time period he was a low-life labourer in Paris and London.
I had talked to Hodani and he arranged a telephone call with his boss for the same position as himself: a dishwasher. I eventually got the opportunity(!) to show myself. It, in fact, was not as bad as what he has described in his book, obviously because years has passed and now there's a little law to support the laborers. I worked from 04:00 to 11:30 and they wanted me up to 12:30 but I made an excuse and ran away!
I was doing OK until 10:00 and I had one half an hour break with meal allowance which I didn't take anything but after that I started getting tired. And then I was asked to broom and mop the floor and that is the thing I hate the most so I argued a bit, not in a bad manner and did part of the damn floor. What Orwell has said in his book about the way the food is prepared remains almost the same after almost 80 years! Most of the food is come to the restaurant previously ready and they just heat it up and put it in plates and garnish it. Almost everything is made with hands that is barely washed during a 10 hour or longer shift. So the steak that you're having and is laid down in a nice and clean white plate has been touched by as many as 3 people before lands on your table! That could be the line cook, the chef and the waiter or waitress. The nice white plate that you have your food in it and is sparkling, could have been just cleaned by a rug in the kitchen!
But what's the point of saying these stuff? The people who eat craps like McDonald's every day with bare hand, they don't care about these stuff! The people who eat Hot Dog from street vendors don't care how they food is prepared. The people who drink Coke and other Phosphoric Acid-filled drink, they could care less about who and how their food is prepared!
The boss gave me my schedule for the nest week stating that he would need me at least for 4 days (one of their guys had just been fired). I accepted that but F. F. is really mad and I have to talk to her or simply call the guy to say that I won't be in!

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