Saturday, August 06, 2011


No I'm not going to tell you the story of my trip to Syria! This is Suria an East Indian restaurant in Calgary that we just tried last Wed. and was good.
In fact it was my third East Indian cuisine try and the 2nd restaurant of the kind. The first time I and Hodani went to a restaurant in West Vancouver called Handi. That was a good experience because Hodani speaks the language and we had a good service.
This time we tried the buffet in this one in Calgary and we liked it. We paid $15.24 each (including tax) and we had three invasions. I mostly tried their vegetarian foods including one with Chickpea and the other one Yogurt Currey. Also they have a very thin Cumin Bread which although it is made of white flour but is very tasty. It's even thinner than a regular chip like Lays. There they have a kind of Rice Pudding which is exactly the same as Persian Shir-Berenj (Milk-Rice) and the other cold-served fruit of them is a creamy mixture of Mango and Grape, I guess which really good.
Oh! I forgot to say that you get a freshly baked bread on your desk too and it's really good but unfortunately again white flour as whole grain bakery not common in old cooking style.
For a full list of their menu check their website or simply go to 11th and 11th. I will compare this to the other East Indian restaurant that I will probably try later soon until I buy a recipe book!
(Photo: I did not have a chance to take a photo and I'm not sure if they allow it. I might check with them if we go there again. Picked one from their website. Just to add that this is not what we had but you can get if you really are hungry!)

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