Wednesday, March 28, 2012


One of the issues here in Canada is obtaining fresh and healthy food. It's mostly very hard if not impossible because Canada has very limited sources of vegetables and fruit. Variety of vegetables are imported from the US, Mexico and South American countries but imagine how an eggplant would be if you import it from Mexico for example. I find it hard to believe that they keep it fresh all the way to here without adding preservatives to somehow.You can get limited number of fruits and vegetables here, mostly from greenhouses and some from towns in British Columbia but even those ones do not considered healthy, the first ones for obvious reasons and the second one for use of pesticides.
One fruit that we finally tried the other day was Star Fruit. We got one only to see how it tasted and I guess it was a wise idea because spending $2 on a piece of fruit that has not much to offer is enough. To me it tasted like a plum which was not completely ripe. I don't know about its popularity but to me that was enough! May be again if it was on sale we get a really ripe one to make a cocktail or smoothie. I guess that is the only way it could be enjoyed. While it has some health benefits, it has been strongly denied for the people with kidney disease because of a kidney of acid it has.
(Photo: The cut Starfruit really looks like a star!)

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