Friday, May 04, 2012

To fool the one

My work has changed a lot since I started a little more than a year ago. It is most of the time no longer like that. The Repulsive Turd, my supervisor who barely can tell the difference between his ass from his elbow, is now easier on me basically because I know how to fool him. I mostly confirm whatever he says, usually by nodding. When he says something which is stupid, absurd and not funny at all, I laugh as load as he does and when he is talking I turn to him and show that I am all ears! I show enthusiasm and smile! Rather than that when it's time to work, I work like a machine and stay more than usual without asking for the overtime pay. I already have been told that I should not be worried about the extension of my contract with the company after it is over. While I can not entirely depend on that, I can say that it is almost done. In the meanwhile I use my time whenever possible to learn, so I can use that in my next career. I have hard exams to come as well which will write about them soon.

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