Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Bourne Legacy: A Complete Waste

If you're going to catch the new Bourne movie, I know it's a bit late, don't waste your time and money. We watched it last time and it was complete disappointed. Same old story, same scenes of chasing and shooting and bad actors and actresses!
This time they were trying to add something new to the story and that was a kind of pill that these so called agent had to take and it made them kind of addicted and dependent!
Then there was a scene of a drone which almost convinced me that these multi-million unmanned birds are nothing but pieces of shit! May be that is why Iran easily stole and landed one of them! The guy who has the major role is the same gut who plays in The Hurt Locker. He was not so bad in that movie but here his performance was in the shadow of Demon's in the previous parts!
Overall it was a very weak movie. I guess because they wanted to make it cheap, they had decided to make part of it in The Philippines. So part of the story, or better to say the last part of the story happens in that country and all of a sudden after a very fake and ridiculous long chase scene in Manila, the movie ends! Here is actually the best part because you do not have to see the failure any more and then the good theme of Bourne movie starts. Do not, I repeat do not waste you money and time on this movie. It gets 1.5 out of 5!
(Photo: I am using a photo of Moby here because his song is actually the only good thing in the movie!)

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