Friday, January 18, 2013

My 2 Years Tanure with the Company

I finished my second year with this company yesterday. Am I happy here? I must say no. There are lots of ups and downs and looks like we are going down now! All the way down! Until we hit something hard and break!
I have to find a new job of the year and it depends on different factors including my title. But when I think deeper I think of moving out of this province and even the country! I know it's not easy to do but this life sucks here! We need to get to a better place or we suffer more because the weather is disgusting here! I can move to any country now and even F. F. will be ready in a year but what would I do with Mom  and F. D. I was thinking of Australia where the weather should be nice or the US if i can get a job but with that issue I have to forget about them.

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