Monday, January 28, 2013

Read Between the Lines

I had this today from the office and it actually had been sent to everyone, in regards to business travels. For a company like this that has being managed like a corner convenience store, it sounded like a wake up call. As far I know there has never been much control over the way people travel around. Now that the company has come to a shitty position, they realize that there has been a hole that caused them losing some though and are trying to patch it up. I have not been to many places so far and if I have,  never spent too much. At the same time there has been many who went as far as the US and Europe without having any valid reason and did nothing but slacking.

This is a summary of what the e-mail said:

1- The cost of the travels should be kept to minimum.

2- Every trip should be pre-approved before any ticket is bought.

3- Only certain individuals have the authority to but tickets.

4- All of the tickets should be purchased under Economy Class.

5- Worldwide trips should also be performed in Economy Class unless  the situation is different (I do not remember what the situation was and I do not care because it does not apply to me).

6- Etc.

There is no doubt that the owner of the company is getting kicked in the balls and is trying to keeping himself above the water. I believe it helps a bit but sooner or later everyone will be kicked out unless other work is presented to the firm.

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