Sunday, January 20, 2013

Very Knowledgable People

Sometimes you think you know someone and then you lose the contact with him and after a while you find out something about him and you realize he was not really what you had thought!
This just happened to me last Fri. about the guy who used to work with us. He was an elderly guy in his mid. 60s, Caucasian. Our relationship was good and I learnt things from him but the Caucasian-Non-Caucasian relationship of any kind which barely works here, did not work out! He left the company and before leaving he gave me his telephone number and e-mail address. I stayed in touch through e-mail because it's more convenient for most but after his last response that he said something and never did it, I stopped e-mailing.
What I found last Fri. was a printed copy of an e-mail that he had sent to the Client asking him for an advice on a welding issue! He is supposedly an individual with over 25 years practical experience in welding and welding inspection field and he did not know that! And if we assume it was OK that he did not know it because not everyone is expected to know everything, even though they have worked in the same field for over 25 years, he should have contacted authorities, other individuals in the field or do a research himself. You never go to the Client for a question like that because that is oxymoron. Client's hired you to do the job on his behalf and you go back to him to get the answer? I lost all the respect I had for him after seeing that e-mail. What he did not only proved that he is not as knowledgeable as I thought but also was very unprofessional. It's good that I never e-mailed him after he didn't do what he had promised. I have another reason not to get to him at all!

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