Monday, June 11, 2018

The Japo

Japo is the term that Americans invented(!) to refer to the Imperial Japanese Army (大日本帝國陸軍) soldiers during the so-called Second World War (which actually was a war between different Colonists because they had not been able to agree on how to divide the world in between themselves and suck every drop of blood out of the rich but not able to use their own potentials and resources). That's what Americans do. Not that there's anything wrong with that. They either give a thing a new name or alter that. Look at Pizza(!) for example. They invented this disgusting Hawaiian Pizza(!) which has Pineapple! Where in the world someone add something extra sweet to a salty, meaty and bready meal? In America!
Just to add to that they called Germans, Kraut which is a derogatory term like the other one but I'm just using this term to refer to this crazy guy who works at the same place that I do.
This Japanese fella, when I met him, I thought that'd be interesting because I always have been amazed by the Japanese culture. Their movies, Fujiyama, fast trains, Samurais, Kurosawa, you name it. But it didn't take long to me to realize that I was wrong. He did (and still does) just a little Japanese inside of him. He's more of a parentless, stupid, careless, senseless, insensitive, dolt. This guy was born in Canada from Japanese parents and if you might know the Japanese were considered evil during the so-called Second World War. What the Government of Canada at the time did was evacuating them from British Columbia where the majority of them lived and settled them at other places including or perhaps mostly in Alberta.
City of Lethbridge, I know, that has a Japanese population and they are (I think) in potato business. This guy who is in his mid-50's and has never been married (according to him) was born and raised in a small town in British Columbia (which I don't name it for privacy reasons) and then moved to Calgary. He says his parents were held during the so-called WWII and sent to camps. He perhaps means the places that the Government had control over them.
He eats like a freaking nasty pig. Every garbage that he can find around the workplace, he grabbed with is claws(!) and starts pulling it apart by his beak(!) and eats it! He makes sots of noise and slurping during his meals while playing a stupid video game on his telephone like a 13-year-old with the sound all volume up! The funny thing was when he told me that he had never been married in his miserable and disgusting life! I was going to say: Who the hell would marry you, you freaking idiot! People cannot even stand you for 5 minutes! Imagine you're on a date with this moron, sitting in café and sipping to your drink, whatever it is. On a nice sunny spring day like today, people on the patio can here him! He also is very aggressive and load when he's talking.
He talks loudly and too much when he's with customers and despite the fact that he's good at his job, which is not a surprise by the way after 20 something years(!) he bullshits too much mainly because he's a lonely man, most likely at home and tries to get as much talk as he could during the working hours. As soon as he sees a girl he runs like a loyal dog and starts his stupid joke! And seems that he cannot control himself! He even does that to the boss's wife who occasionally shows up there! You should listen to him when he calls her. He tone is completely is different. Despite his long service in the company he still is a donkey when it comes to work with one specific department and 9 out of 10 times screws up the freaking idiot. At time he admits and some other times he aggressively defends his stupid act but we have to work with him.
One week, and I'm giving some detail here which may lead to find him who he actually is by some(!), there was a plan to have a barbeque. A barbeque machine was purchased and sat at a corner quietly for a few day. Here's when the stupidity shows itself very interestingly! Just one day, yes one day before the planned day, which had been announced proudly, this f*cking donkey was appointed the job of making the barbeque machine ready. He took the pieces out and started the assembly. I happened to walk by when he was almost half way through I asked him if he would be able to finish the job by the end of the day and it was a few minutes past 10. He gave me a quick dirty look and said it would be finished in an hour! Fine. I said and left. He was right. He was done in an hour but the machine was useless! Why? Because that was a natural gas barbeque and what they had was Propane cylinder! None of the freaking idiots knew what he was doing! The idiot who placed the order didn't even bother looking at the detail of the item and bought it and the stupid donkey he spent two hours on putting the pieces together didn't look at neither the box nor the connection hose! He even didn't put the shit he had created aside. left everything including the box, foams, bags, etc. and left for home!
This week I sighed when I didn't see him. He has taken the whole week off and happily it started last Fri. Therefore I neither have to see his ugly, disgusting face, nor listen to his teenage videogame or stupid flirting with customers!
(Photo: Imperial Japanese Army soldier with the national flag at the time. As everyone knows the sunrays were removed later on, possibly after Japan was defeated after the so-called WWII. The Brave once had an idea of what Americans did to Japanese, dropping tow Hydrogen Bomb on two major cities, was necessary or, I quote " the bastards would continue advancing in all eastern Asia and everywhere else! " and I said " had the idea " because some of the thing that he used to say had been changed. I'm getting off the subject but I would like to ask him about this when I meet with him next time. Anyways Letter from Iwo Jima is a great movie that shows actually how these soldiers fought during Pacific War days)

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