Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Last Minute Problems

I have this tradition of getting myself into trouble somehow, near an exit, a departure or a similar situation. Here are a few recent examples:

1. When I went to the old country in Sep. of 14, I invited my cousin and her daughter to a Coffee somewhere in Shemiran, a former suburb of Tehran which is now part of the city. I normally don't do that(!) but I decided to do it because they picked me up from Aunt M.'s house, drove me to the Aunt Ag.'s and then drove me to Shemiran where I was supposed to meet my friend, The Tiny Mouse. So here we were in that neighbourhood trying to find a parking spot near the supposedly modern cafe in that area! Coffee is not a popular drink in Iran and any of the countries in that region or generally in Asia. However it has become a choice for the stupids(!) who think drinking this beverage make them modern and a Westerner! What these idiots don't know is coffee originated from Asia, more specifically Yemen a wonderful country which unfortunately has been the scene of civil war in the past few years. The word Coffee is anglicized term of Arabic word Ghahva. More on that and how Coffee used and still is being drunk in Arabic countries could be easily found in the web. The girl, my cousin's daughter is a maniac. I think she's got it from his Dad who was separated from my cousin. She was acting like a lunatic while trying to find a parking spot and during parking the damn car! I don't know what was her damn problem is. Then we went inside and found empty seats (or better to say stools!) in the small cafe. Some even were sitting on the sidewalk! I took my camera to take a few photos and I was caught by a bastard! I guess I had a girl in my frame and the guy thought I was taking a picture from her and was about to call the cops! Considering the cops in the old country means basically Thought Police and I was supposed to fly to Frankfurt the next morning, or practically in a few hours(!), I backed down and deleted the photo! The girl said nothing but the guy, who, I guess was looking for an ice breaker to talk to her, lost his cool! In the meantime my cousin's daughter was acting like a freaking idiot and total psycho! It was then decided to get the hell out of there before something serious happens and I end up in jail or somewhere similar and miss my flight.
Iranians are very jealous people, generally. In addition to that, as my cousin said in the cafe, they always watch others to catch them during an act and report them, get into a fight with them or make fun of them! I had a narrow escape that night!

2.This one happened a few days after that! Back to back and was not my fault although I had an issue which could lead to a big problem. I was in Munich and was supposed to take a train to go to Frankfurt to catch my flight to Calgary. I don't know where I was in the last day but when I went back to the hotel a receptionist, I guess an Arab guy but a very polite and nice fella told me that there was a strike going on with Bahn! I immediately left the hotel and rushed to the train station. Caught the train and went to a major Bahn office to check what was going on. The person, like most of them, was very helpful and told me that I should change my train at another city and get myself to Frankfurt. I woke up early in the morning to get myself to the platform. I found the designated car with some difficulty and got myself boarded. During the trip I was stressed as what would happen if I miss the damn flight! I eventually reached Frankfurt on time although the route and changing city had changed again! I was able to catch my flight back to Canada. Of course I was in Germany before all the refugee crisis. While I would like to go back, not only money would be issue, but also I'm not sure if I would be welcomed!

3. This one was as scary as the other ones but I used my confidence and came out strong! It was the last day on CFLRS, I guess. As I have mentioned earlier in a post, most of the time for food we had to stay for a long time in a damn disgusting line and staying in line is one of the things that I hate the most in life and that's anywhere! I think it was the last day and I couldn't wait to get the hell out of that prison. I went for a meal (don't remember which one it was) and again saw the damn line. We had to wash our hands and then stay in another line for the meal! Imagine how frustrating that could be! And for what? A meal which barely is enjoyable and I've already written about it. As soon as I saw the damn line, I directly went to the one for the meal! Out of nowhere a tall Black guy noticed that and started arguing that I had to go and wash my hands! I don't know how he realized that but I denied it. Our argument continued until I got to the kitchen (that's what they call it), got my food and sat at a table and started eating. I saw him going to instructor's table, pointing at my direction and talking to them. Apparently they didn't give a damn because nothing happened and none of them came to me to talk to me. I was in civilian as it was my last day. My assumption is they told him to let me go! Nevertheless it was my word against him. He had no proof.

That was the three narrow escapes that I had.
(Photo: This photo shows the late John Hurt [1940-2017] as Winston in a scene from movie Nineteen Eighty-Four which is based on a novel of the same name, and in my opinion one of the best ever written in the history, by George Orwell. In this scene Winston is trying to hide from Thought Police which screens people's life everywhere even in their private place, here through the big screen. The screen is in fact not a Television. It broadcasts everything in the room to the authorities in Ministry of Truth!. This picture is used to show the environment in Iranian society, the first of three escapes, with a little exaggeration of course)

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