Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Loyal

It's been more than 3 years since I started this story as a draft and today I'm going to finish it! The Loyal is the nickname I've selected for this cheap bastard from Isfahan, a city in central Iran, whom I met a few times back in early 2011. This guy started his Canadian journey from Quebec and ended up here in Alberta. I guess he's in British Columbia now. Not that anyone cares!
With the price of oil so low these days that you have many out of work, I don't think he is having good days but a few years that he worked in his field made him enough money to purchase a house. Not that it's a big deal because I know plenty of guys who have done that after a little more than 1.5 years of working. I simply could do that in 2012 but The Lady at the time opposed to that. Cited Calgary not a good place to settle down! It's a different story. Now years after living in Canada I'm still a tenant in a f*king, disgusting dump! 
Anyway this is the summary of his adventures based on what he told me when we used to hang out:
He first landed in Montreal, QC because it's easier for people to migrate to that province as immigrant. The process is faster, I've heard. It like these days that asylum seekers come to Canada through Quebec. I have no idea why. Perhaps its closer to major cities of the US or less guarded. And the stupid government led by the genius Trudeau let them in! This is another story which I'm not going to  engage in now. Many people do what The Loyal did and shortly after arrival they move to other provinces. I don't know if he spent a long time in that province or not but I do know that he was trying to get into Bombardier not knowing that it's hard even for English speaking Canadians to get a job in Quebec, let alone an Iranian guy who look more like Afghans! No offence intended! He then went to Fort McMurray where he thought his knowledge would be appreciated but after spending a time there, everywhere he went he was told that he should have start either from Edmonton or Calgary to get a job in that town. He moved to Calgary then.
That's where he somehow ended up being a roommate of The Chef, in Downtown, more specifically where there is or better to say there was a hang out for street prostitutes. That will be told in another separate post later, perhaps. The Chef is a troubled guy and he hung out with the prostitutes a lot in that neighbourhood. So this part of the story is partially told to me by him which matches what The Loyal has said:
The Chef had a hooker over and he was completely drunk and somehow didn't manage to do the business(!) but the girl was asking for money. They got into an argument and he kicks her out. Here there is the problem: As The Chef has a bad memory, it's not clear whether the girl was paid for the time or not but I guess she was. The next day, a Fri. night apparently, The Chef is at a friend's house. The Loyal is invited as well but he decides to stay home and does his studies and job searching. Later the night he decides to take a shower and while in there, a big Caucasian guy, the pimp, breaks into the apartment and finds him naked in the shower! He takes him out and insists on getting money. The Loyal explains that he was not the guy who allegedly didn't pay the girl and says that he would call The Chef. He then does and at his friend's place, The Spring Maker(!), who picks up, of course. Now The Loyal is embarrassed to tell him what had happens and the friend does not transfer the message properly for whatever reason, perhaps because he has refused his invitation and The Loyal has to hang up. Now the guy forces him to go to a bank machine and get the money. Here's another unbelievable part of the story. The pimp takes The Loyal to a nearest ATM and have him take money out of his account! Imagine a busy Fri. evening in freaking busy Downtown and you take someone to an ATM and he does nothing and no one suspects anything! I think The Loyal exaggerated about what happened and I know he's a very coward guy but still find it very hard to believe that he gave money to the pimp.
Once I later saw him he worked for Zellers, a department store which is closed now and was part of The Bay family. He told me that he was roommates with Filipino girls and they kicked him out! They said to him that they wanted to have someone of their own to be their roommate but he didn't tell me if they kicked him out because he called then peasant or the reason was simply what they stated!
The Loyal had another trouble with one other residence which I barely remember but I know that through The Chef that once he lived in D. I. (Drop-In Center for the homeless) and Salvation Army, both in the east side of Downtown Calgary. The last time I saw his, he was studying(!) for his Citizenship test and he was out of work. He told me that he had worked in Fort McMurray but had been laid off. I was working at the time. He practically begged me to get him a job in the company I was working for. I honestly have never had such intention, especially for a person with that type of personality. At the time he had bought his home but rented it and was living in a rental!
(Photo: Isfahan is considered one of the attractions of Iran and honestly if you want to see a nice place, purchase unique handicrafts and eat good food, Isfahan is the place. Just make sure to pick up the right time of the year)

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