Wednesday, January 29, 2020

True Sweetness

A fella Afghan coworker suggested to purchase Sugarcane a few weeks ago and I agreed. I had never tried them before and it's not something that you can get from any supermarket. I can understand why people don't want something like that. It's a hassle to get the juice out! You need a very sharp knife and you need to be very careful. 
Basically what you have to do is you must cut the stick on the natural distances created during growth and then peel each piece. After that what the fella told me is, you chew, like a gum, suck all the juice and spit the leftover. That has a mild and natural sweetness which is different from a candy bar or any other sweet thing that you've ever tried or consume on daily basis. That's why many people might not like it because after years their tasting system is accustomed to artificial sugar (White Sugar) that the industry has been feeding them.
I know different drinks could be made using sugarcane but it requires patient, effort and good recipe. I have neither of them at the moment! The easiest thing I can suggest and I will try myself is to mix water, Sugarcane and freshly squeezed Lemon juice and enjoy it. Otherwise you're stuck with the chewing practice! It obviously used to be a snack on old Afghanistan where no candy, biscuit and all the artificial, industry-made snack didn't exists because he told me that the only people who eat them at home are his father, his mother and himself. Today's young generation have no clue what it is! I also realized that someone purchased as many as 100 sticks of both types (there is green and black) but didn't have a chance to talk to him and ask what he does with them. I will the next time I see him. 
(Photo: After more than 2 weeks of purchasing the damn[!] thing, I still have this much left unprocessed! Not to mention more in the refrigerator)

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