Thursday, October 14, 2021

Alfons Chickens Out!

I contacted my buddy Alfons down in California to discuss our hikes in Nevada. We were supposed to hike Boundary Peak and then Mt. Charleston, both in the State of Nevada this month and then when my supervisor said that I needed to give him a 30 days notice, I suggested to Alfons to postpone the trip/hike to October but he chikened out! 
He indicated the cold and his lack of ability to do a hike in winter. I was aware of that but since he's the one who always brings the vehicle(!) of need (a 4WD) and is a good company, I was hoping I could convince him this time as well! I really didn't care if he'd be able to reach the summit! Now that he has stepped back I'm left with a delimma! Should I stay or should I go? I'm not really worried about the trip cost. Neither I am worried about the ricks on the mountains. What makes me think twice about a trip of such is the stupid restrictions that the US Government has still in place! I, as someone, who intends to do a non-essential trip, needs to be tested for COVID, within 72 hours before his flight and provides the result to be able to board. At the same time, it's said tha the US does not recognoze the mix-shots! So for me who had received AstraZeaneca as the first shot and then Pfizer as the second shot, I don't know what would happen to me, If I went to the airport!! 
Then there's this re-write of the exams in December, which I haven't registered for but i will. I was hoping to study some on the plane(!) because it's change of the environment that you need at times to encourage you to do what you have to do but I guess I have to drop the damn plan and think of another time. I even thought of doing Guadalupe Peak in western Texas, where we attempted the last time we were togethere and we didn't even go to the area(!) because of his stupidity. My plan was going to Albuquarque. through L. A. and from there drive down to Texas, do the hike, as they say October is a very good months for this hike and then drive east to Austin to see The Pika, if he's back and then go to Houton and fly back to Calgary. It would've beeb a wonderful trip if it was not this stupid Covid! But I don't think it will happen soon. 
(Photo: Alfons, my hiking buddy avoid our upcoming advantures out of fear for his life! His performance in the previous hikes was poor. refer to Telescope Peak trip and Flatiron Mountain trip posts)

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