Friday, October 29, 2021

Canadian is a Culture not a Citizenship

I went to my neighbourhood supermarket a few days ago for a little shopping. I only got a jar of Organic Milk, and a bag of Raisin and Cashew, each. I went to the cashier who happened to be a phony Indian woman in her early 50's. This was a perfect example of a phony person: Fake smile, if I could see that at all and forced(!) greeting and useless chit chat! As soon as she saw the bag of Cashew the man attribute of East-Indian people, jealousy, emerged! I barely have seen any people as jealous and cheap as Indians and I'm stereotyping. This is based on my observations throughout all these years living in Canada. The bag worth more than $10 and she wondered how I can pay that much for an unnecessary food! So she asked me where I was from. I told her that I was from Rajastan, which is a state in India! She looked at me and first, for a moment she was about to believe that. I added that I was from Jaipour which is a main city in that state! She didn't buy it and now I kept going by all different major cities around India, starting from Srinagar! She said that she was from Srinagar and I added a few more!
She insisted on her question and even once made the right guess but I denied that! Then I said I was Canadian(!) and she said: We are all Canadian(!) I said: You're not Canadian. You're Indian!
That was the end of it. She didn't like my answer and said nothing! 
It's funny that some idiots in this country believe the bullshit that the Government of Canada force in to their asses! A filthy animal who is born and grown in filth, shit, grime, pollution and after years of living in the country still cannot write 5 sentences without grammatical and spelling errors and still chow on the garbage that they sued to stuff inn their filthy village, call themselves Canadian! Next time I see this filthy pretender, I will certainly avoid her. It'd much better than listening to her stupid accent and smell her stinking cloths.
(Photo: A cashew tree in India)

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