Saturday, October 02, 2021

Too Much Unhealthy Fat

The company had a barbecue a few days ago. You know the usual: Burger, Hot Dog, Soda, and few side items. I didn't touch any of them! Too much crap that I don't need! Guys were asking me one after another if I had eaten! The answer was the same: I don't eat this kind of food! I have enough problems without eating this shit! There's no religious reason behind that. I believe religion is a law that is supposed to prevent you from derailing in your life. Not that stupid thing of don't eat this and don't eat that. That's a physician's or a dietitian's job! The fact that people don't eat Pork and Beef for religious reasons is stupid to me. I, in fact, eat port for spite! Not that I intend to jeopardize my health to mock or irritate people. I eat Pork once in a while and that's because it has too much damn fat! I bought a Ground Beef-Pork pack from a supermarket last week to make some meatballs. The result was not bad but look at the pot that I cooked in it in the above picture! I slightly took each and every meatball out and there was so much nasty grease left on the bottom! That is why Pork is avoided by me, most of the time not because of a stupid religion! Tenderloin and other lean parts are good of course and does not have more harm than Beef. I, in general don't eat that much any more. So I am not picky for eating a meal in a week. All I care about is a lean, fresh and, if possible, naturally grown meat, which is actually very hard to come by in today's world, in most places, particularly in North America(!) but I know Canada is much better than the US.
(Photo: My pot after cooking Beef-Pork meatball was covered in big lumps of fat!) 

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