Wednesday, March 23, 2022

The second Try

I wrote the three examinations for CWB Level I Inspector certificate for the second one today. Did I feel better this time? No! It seemed even harder than the first time but the good thing I did was I reviewed the entire closed book Exam. once again, sat to the almost end of the session (2 hours) and changed a few answers. I think at least 8, out of 75. I'm not sure if that'd make any difference or I even pass but I tried. The problem was I had not had a good sleep the night before! I was watching The Departed and at 22:00 or a bit earlier I felt tired and went to the bed. Then after turning and tossing a number of times, I got out and watched the last 40 minutes of the movie(!) because I couldn't sleep. Even after finishing the movie I was not ready to sleep. I woke up once at 06:34 and then at 07:00 when the alarm went off. Dressed and drove to the exam venue without even a coffee. I was feeling not too bad for the first 2 hours or so but when the open book exam on CSA 178.2 started, I felt sleepy and yawned a few times! 
Then on practical exam, I was really tried and wanted to get out as soon as possible! I found that I'm not really good at this part. I need to study a lot because I don't have the chance of actually do any test and measuring. The questions were from every part of the textbook except from Metallurgy section but this time I realized how hard actually the exam was because the area to be covered it vast. These are the areas that I have to work on, in case I have to re-write the exam (which I hope it doesn't happen) or get a position:

1- Electrodes and consumables for different processes
2- Specific and detailed about the main welding processes such as GMAW, FCAW, GTAW and else
3- Weld faults
4- Weld measurement using different tool
5- Weld positions (for groove, fillet and pipes)

with that being said, I ask this question of whether I will pass or not?! There are lot's of things to keep in mind and if you're in the environment and use them regularly, it's not a big issue but being away and having limited time to study, makes the passing difficult. The result usually comes in a week. I'll wait. 
(Photo: An inspector is using a Bridge Cam Gauge to measure the weld reinforcement on a pipe. I intend not to be a weld inspector, solely, but prefer to have a job as a Quality Coordinator but I was asked if I had the certificate in the last interview and many positions are requiring that. That's why I am doing it)

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