Thursday, March 24, 2022

What's Wrong with this Picture?

I bought a whole case of Tomatoes last week. Some 20 Lbs., I guess. They're from Alberta but don't get excited! They're grown in a greenhouse! Here in this province and most of Canada , fruits and vegetable either come from southern US or Mexico. Some from China too! Very small portion from different provinces with B. C. providing the most. One can imagine how disgusting most of them are! The fact, though, is people here, either they know it or don't know it, don't care! You feed them whatever, they eat it! War refugees, Filipinos, Africans, Chinese, Latinos, liches from southeast Asia (Indochina), all live cheap and as long as they have some crap to throw it in the back of their mouth, with a freaking chopstick, they don't care what it is! They mostly have a bowl of nasty, filthy, cheap White Rice, a few pieces of boiled and bland vegetable and shreds of meat and they're set for life! The meat, used to be dog meat, something which is illegal to have here in North America, and I'm talking about most of the Chinese and the majority of the Filipinos. For Africans meat could only be seen on the body of their compatriots or wild animals around, before coming to Canada! Now they're here, they at times get something from either Hideous-Mart or their own specialty stores! 
So with this demography in the country and the current economy (inflation, high cost of living, under employment, ...) do you really expect many to think about what they buy to eat?! 
The picture clearly shows that the freaking tomatoes probably do more bad than good! But I bought them! How on earth all the freaking tomatoes could be the exact shape, colour and probably even weight?! Unless they are made, artificially or technically saying genetically, they can't all be this perfect. Now can they?!
(Photo: The disputed tomatoes!)

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