Saturday, March 19, 2022

Why do I love American Made?

Movies with political theme usually fail in North American market. Hollywood knows that and tries to avoid making them often. JFK, which in fact tells the truth behind an American President's assassination, is one of them. Or maybe people say: This is something that happened years ago. I don't care about it anymore! American Made is one of those movies which despite having a popular superstar doesn't do well in the box-office. It tells the US's reaction to a number of the Central American countries' falling into the hands of Soviets in the 80's. That's why the American and most certainly Canadian movie-goers don't like it! I, however, relate to it and love the movie. These are the things that I remember them all, despite my youth when they happened. Not in detail though! 
The movie has exaggerations, like most of the Hollywood's but everything is great. The story is fantastic. You wouldn't want to stop until you find out what happens next. The little animation they've made is really nice. Tom Cruse's performance, as well as others' including his wife in the movie and the State Authority General (despite the short role) is great. 
This movie, beside being very entertaining, shows one, amongst many of, mistakes that Americans have made throughout the history of their country: The Iran-Contra scandal. But It looks like that they will never learn! One of the stupidest thing that they did and it's shown in the movie is bringing the Latinos in for military training! The people who had never seen cars, who had never had a decent job, had never had anything but a living body(!), are brought to the US and were expected to be trained and then fight for something that they don't even believe in, mostly! What then would happen? They would disappear to the woods! They were even worst than Taliban! At least Taliban soldiers have some boundary. You never hear a Taliban defects to a nearby country or give up for a slice of Pizza! Those people, the Contra, were horrible and Americans' plan was stupid. That's why they failed. The country, Nicaragua, might be fine now but back in the day, it was a chaos.  
See the movie and then, if interested, read about the Contra, Oliver North, Sandinista, Daniel Ortega and everything related to the Cold War era. You'd agree with me. 
(Photo: Tom Cruse in the scene of the movie where he is chased by CBP planes and is ordered to land. He lands on a street. No matter how this scene is related to what actually Barry Seal did, it's fantastic)

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