Sunday, March 06, 2022

A Scapegoat

The price of gasoline jumped up last week and they say it's a result of Russia-Ukraine conflict! It in fact because there's no enough refineries in Canada! And not to forget the way that the Oil Cartel works. They always wait for an excuse to shoot the price up! 
The first day that it went up above $1.5 per liter I went to a local gas station and purchased $10 worth of gasoline. The attendant asked me if I had see the price. I said I had. He goes: Blame Russia for that?! I responded: What does have Russia to do with this? And he got surprised and asked: Are you Russian?! I, in no way look like a Russian and don't know why that idiot assumed so. I just answered No and left! The truth is the oil companies, as I said above, always use a scapegoat to benefit from that, particularly now that the pandemic is near over and people are planning for summer trip. This time it's Russia!
Shell gas station at 14th Ave. and 12 St., SW Calgary in 15-Apr-2020
The funny thing is now all sorts of analysis pours into the media! This guy was talking on The Roy Green Show today and saying that while Russia is after Ukraine (and possibly the rest of Europe!), China is aiming to get Taiwan back and Iran has plans to expand its territory in the so-called Middle East, the stupid term that some idiot Westerners invented years ago and still is being used, similar to the term Indians they use for the native people of America! Everyone with a little brain knows that if China wants to get Taiwan back, they can do that in less than 24 hours! PLA has more than 2.8 million active forces. Do you really think they would wait for your analysis, if they really wanted to get Taiwan!? Same with Russia but let's drop it here. I just wanted to point at the conversation I had with the gas boy but the other funny thing happened at work with a number of geniuses! I have this picture that I took it at the beginning of the pandemic and shows a low price of gasoline. People all got excited and asked me where the gas station was! I first told them and then said they not only have to travel in distance, but also in time because the picture was taken in 15-Apr-2020!
(Photo, top: Gasoline price today in a shell gas station in Calgary)

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