Thursday, September 02, 2004


One of the wrestlers who got my attention in this Olympic is Ara Abrahamian. He is an Iranian-Swedish Greco-Roman wrestler in 84 Kg class who lost the gold medal to the Russian wrestler Alexei Michine. He must be Armenian who has migrated to Sweden. He should have gone there years ago as his profiles shows he was sixth in Sydney. His performance backs to 1998 and as his birthday indicates (July.27.75) he must has migrated there in early 90s or sooner.
Immigrant athletes r usu. seen in national teams. I remember there was an Afghan wrestler, Mir Mehdi Ghori Zadeh, in 48 Kg class of free-style fighting for Canada in early 90s, I guess. He was obviously the best in Canada but didn't get a medal in world championship.
(Photo: Ara after loosing the battle to the Russian challenger)

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