Friday, June 24, 2005

Batman Ends!

I watched Batman Begins the day before and it was totally disappointing. First of all I don't know why the hell directors and producers or may be scenarists tend to use backward method and make a predecessor for a successful movie. They did that for Star Wars and the result was not good. Then they did that for Batman and it was awful, in my opinion. Second of all some new movies including the recent Batman finds its roots in oriental martial arts. Hero (A complete bullshit) and Kill Bill (the movie I'd never go even if someone drove me and got me the ticket) are among the movies which are full of martial art fights. The relationship between Batman in Gotham City and Ninjas in, I don't know where in the world, is something that I don't understand. After all I was expecting an action like the original 1989 one but it was mostly full of dialogues. Tom Cruse's new wife performs in the movie but she's something below average and also Christian Bale. I think it was just waste of time and money.
(Photo: The rear view of the new Batmobile probably the only interesting matter in the movie that might catches someone's eye!)

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