Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I met Bob in World Satffing Solutions yesterday morning and although I was on time that bastard made me wait for about 20 min. That usually doesn't happen in Canada. Then he explained the position to me and told me the interview time with the company. It's a QA Manager position with a salary range of $60 to $70K. I'll have the interview with a lady in HR, I guess, tomorrow. He was quite optimist but that's how usually recruiters act because they send the employee for most of the positions that is related to his background.

In the afternoon I went to Springwall. I had to wait there for about 20 min. again and I'm surprised because it has never happened to me anywhere in Canada esp. in interviews but the interview was good. Sprinwall started about 40 years ago in a city in New Brunswick and then started another plants in Toronto, Winnipeg and finally Calgary. Winnipeg and Calgary plants were combined a few years ago. Right now they are looking for a self-starter to take care of their quality needs while they have nobody in position. What made Dale (A mid-aged handsome Canadian guy with blue eyes and very intellectual personality) to call me is QMS (Quality Management System). This is what they want to establish in the Calgary plant and this is the first thing is seen in my resume. So If I'm lucky, I'll get the job.
When I asked him how busy they are in the plant here and how the business is, he showed he's an expert (He's the vice president of the company) He mentioned that Canada has faced several disasters in last few years:
  1. Drought in Prairies which led many farmers to deep huge debts.
  2. Mad cow disease which almost killed beef industry.
  3. The US put too much tariff in Canadian lumber.
  4. Flood in Manitoba.
and the mentioed problems had (and still has) serious effect on their business and all other businesses as well.

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