Friday, June 10, 2005


Today morning (I mean yesterday morning because it's 01:18 AM now!) I went to Hitech for QA Manager position interview. It's a small company in 32nd Ave. NE. Some people even may not notice that there's a factory in there and that's exactly why I didn't find it easily and was 5 min. late! (First impression is the best impression!)
As the lady interviewer told me it's a company with only about 20 employees and they need someone in that position for only a short periof of time. (2 to 3 months!) When I asked her why is that, she didn't answer clearly. I smell a rat here. she said that the former QA Manager has resigned recently. I think he or she might have taken a few month off and they just need someone to take over and when he's back, they'll kick the new guy out! May be there's something else. I'm not really sure.

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