Monday, June 06, 2005

Star Wars, Again!

I went to Paramount Chinook yesterday to watch the new Star Wars movie. It's the third episode and the predecessor to the very first Star Wars which was directed by George Lucas in 1977. The movie is good and worth watching but is not something that I wanna watch several times. The story is average and the actors and actress(es) perform average performances. But the combat scenes, costume design, special effects are good and really catchy. One of the interesting things of the movie is the way Yoda, the very short Jedi knight, speaks. He starts a sentence form the middle! He doesn't talk like everybody does, starting with the subject. For example he says: Are under heavy pressure, some of the people!
(Photo: George Lucas the director of the movie is being interviewed here. Empire soldiers can be seen in the back in white armour)

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