Sunday, June 19, 2005


I and Ali G. (The strange but nice guy) went to Beat Niq for a Jazz show. That was the first time I was listening to live Jazz. Actually Ali G. has found the club a few weeks ago and told me about that and I thought it's good to give it a try. The club is mostly for mid-aged to young people who wants to enjoy dining and live Jazz music. Jazz, as far as I understand, is a style of music that based on playing trumpet and saxophone. The other instruments used are drums, bass and piano. The band were playing last night was consist of 5 guys each playing one of the mentioned instruments.
Some of the songs were incridible esp. the ones which the pianist performed very well. (I feel bad saying that! It's not fair! Music is a team-work achivement and all of them were great). It started at about 09:50 PM. I stayed until 12:00 AM. There was no singer in the band.

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