Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The First Impression is the Best Impression

I woke up at about 09:30 and grabbed a cup of juice and a muffin then went for a walk. I went to the City Hall and then Eton Centre. Then in the afternoon I headed for M. M.’s condo in North York again. Before that I had a stop in Starbucks at Yonge and King to chat with Ramin for a few minutes. I have known him for years but we have never been close friends. We meet there after years.
Then when I got off subway, went to the nearby shopping centre and bought a bunch of beautiful red roses for her and then we stayed at the apartment for a few minutes to taste the Gano coffee. Then M. M. drove me to get The Lizard DVD movie form a Persian video store in that neighborhood. But before I continue, I'd like to say what happened yesterday:
We went to CN Tower yesterday but because we were late, we saw a long line and by the time we get up there it was almost dark and there was no chance to get good photos. We sat for a coffee (There was a very bad service up there and M. M. was complaining about it, although they make good money. Even the windows were smudged and there was a little chance of having a good photo. I needed a tripod and didn't have as usual!) Then we get down and M. M. took me to a very nice restaurant called Marche. (The name has been changed to Richtree!) We had our dinner there and I escorted her to North York again.
But Tue. after buying the said DVD, M. M. first drove me to a neighborhood where million dollar houses were there and a very beautiful park (I don't remember the name) we walked and talked for a few min. and went to Pho Saigon, a very good Vietnamese restaurant with excellent food. She even paid for me! Then we went for a ride while we noticed that part of Downtown is blacked out again!
Our final destination was my hotel where I asked if I can see her again. She said I didn't spark in her and we just can be friends! I was really surprised because I thought everything went well and we could move forward but I was wrong obviously! Nevertheless I gave her the necklace I had bought in Banff and she opened it there and appreciated although it was dark and she almost saw nothing! I really don't know what went wrong. May be I wasn't dressed up. A suit or I don't know. I don't know what to say and what to do 'cause it's not easy to forget someone like M. M. May be there will be another chance. May be if I work hard and get a good job that sparks inside her! I don't know. But I know something and that's being in touch with her might help and then having another trip to Toronto.
(Photo: The very busy Queen street in Downtown Toronto. People are feeding gulls and pigeons while having their quick lunch)

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