Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I flew to Toronto Sun. morning and I'm writing this from a in Downtown (King St. W). It's raining today so I guess there's no chance to go out. I met M. M. last night and also the night before. Such an incredible girl: gorgeous, sweet, slim and kindhearted. My flight took only 03:30 hours and I enjoyed satellite TV with different channels. Westjet doesn't serve food and you have to buy but I didn't. I had my own food (Chicken sub and Greek Salad) but didn't have them. I think it might look weird! I just had the snack: my own coffee (Gano coffee) and cookies. I took the airport shuttle and went to my hotel in Downtown (Travelodge) but had to walk for about 15 min. The hotel is alright but damn! Toronto is really hot! And the closer you are to the lake Ontario the hotter it is and humidity is souring. I called M. M. and we met at the corner of King and Yonge. I could not believe I'm meeting such a beautiful girl. So sweet and charming. We took the subway and streetcar to somewhere in Downtown that exhibition was going on. She said that the old building used to be plants and factories and new being used for entertainment after being abandoned. It was more likely similar to open market combined with live music and exhibition but seemed that M. M. didn't like it so we left and headed toward Queen St. where most of the bars and restaurants are located. We settled down in a bar for a drink and salad and talked about everything. M. M. is so friendly and sociable and it's like we've known each other for a long time. I escorted her to her apartment which is in North York and came back to the hotel taking subway. Downtown Toronto is so hot and humid as I said but North York and all the districts in the north are little better. I had to take a shower right after I came back to the hotel although I only had a short sleeve T-Shirt and a pair of jeans on. M. M. is petite and so cute and she had she looked gorgeous in her red pants and sleeveless top but she felt hot too.
(Photo: I took this photo from CN Tower, one of the highest buildings in the world in Downtown Toronto in a hot afternoon)

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