Saturday, July 30, 2005

Right on my ass!

I had a narrow scape for the uncounted time(!) Last week before I fly to Toronto, I was driving to Talisman and noticed that a police cruiser, a Crown Victoria, my favorite, car is right behind me in Macleod, close to 39th Ave. LRT Station. I was watching him in my back-view mirror and had an eye on my speedometer, trying not to exceed the speed limit. (60 Km per hour) and when he caught up with me, I sighed!

Today I was driving home from work and there was a 80 Km per hour speed limit while I was doing almost 110! I suddenly pushed the break and slowed down. Only 30 sec. passed and I saw three cops using their special devise measuring motorist's speed. I looked at my speedometer: close to 83! I passed over them and sighed again! It was close. Really close! How long am I able to play this game?

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