Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Our Way of Enjoying Canada Day Weekend

I didn't go to any of Canada Day's celebration in the city but in the afternoon I called Ali G. and we meet in a Second Cup for a chess game. I totally destroyed him in the first game then we had a break and decided to watch War of the Worlds. As a result of that I resigned the second game and we went to Famous Players in Shawnessy. We were late and had to sit in the 3rd or 4th row! That's so close to the screen and you have to turn your head continuously and hold it up while you see the dots on it! After a few min. I told Ali G. (That was his fault. Moron!) to go up and we did, sat on the stairs! The movie is good, in terms of cinematography, special effects and sound but I'd say average in performance. We both didn't get the last and the most important part of the movie: What happened to the machines? They were broken down and crashed. Also they hunt people, suck their blood out and spray it all over. What was that for? I may watch the movie again. After that we go to Tony Roma's for our dinner. Ali G. usually takes me to fancy restaurants and the bastard pays a lot as tip! The food was good (I ordered pork rib) but as I was not very hungry as a result of no physical activity on that day I didn't enjoy a lot as I usu. do from eating.
After dinner I kind of urged him to go to downtown to see what was going on in there. We tried a few bars and finally settled down in the Yardhouse for a few drinks. Then headed toward where he parked (11th Ave.) and found a bar where live music was going on but we were late and it was almost finished. So we left for home.
The next day (Sat.) we went to Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller. That was my second time and his first. I went by myself in Sep. 2003 but this time the road was really beautiful. We also stopped in Horseshoe Canyon in our way to Drumheller. It's beautiful and reminds you of Mars when it's occupied by human being and it's atmosphere is breathable! (Remember Total Recall and also remember Aliens where there's a big machine for that purpose in the planet)
(Photo: Edmontonia, the dinosaur which used to roam around Edmonton millions of year ago and has its name from that northern city of Alberta. I took the photo in the museum)

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