Friday, August 07, 2009

10% and 90%

I think I almost find the reason why we people of the old country had to come here and have to put up with this hard life (not always). Why do you think people still work their way hard to get around the globe to have a better life here in a country which almost have nothing?One reason, I think, is people of that side of the globe, where I came from, mostly believe or even if don't believe, pretend that they know everything. That wisdom, which actually doesn't exist, is the cause of these all problems they have to hack with on a daily basis. Here, if someone doesn't understand something or doesn't know it, would simply say that s/he doesn't. Some people even use terms like grunt, idiot and so on about themselves. That actually comes from their honesty, an attribute in Western culture. Who do you really know that consider him/her an idiot over there? Everyone's Einstein! Look at all those universities grow on daily basis in every village and county! Everyone is a degree holder! I wonder who has the desire to do the labour job! I once for this company for almost a year and I remember there were as many as 10 engineers in the Holder Shop while I'm sure that just 5 high school graduate where able to run the entire shop.
What I want to conclude is almost 90% of the Canadians are grunts and have no wisdom and the good thing is they never claim anything more than what they really are. And the only 10% left are cleaver enough to be able to run this country beautifully. At the same time in the old country 90% of the population think they're clever and want to do big jobs with big money. The people follow the rules of a religion mixed up with cultural myths and superstitious and those won't take them anywhere better what they're now. They deserve that. The regime has nothing to do with that. That's what the people has been prepared for.


Anonymous said...

Hi my tough bro!

That was awesome. I agree with you. BTW, how is your prep coming? Did the B50 start to show positive effects?

Take Care,
Shamkhal / Tehrantonian

Anonymous said...

One more thing, B50 has a normalized curve when effecting the body performance. The best time to take it is 1 hour before your workout.

Also Vitamin E helps with reconstruction of muscular cells which get damage in the workout. It is good to be taken after the workout to regenerate the cells overnight when the HGH hormone is at the highest level.

Ginseng is a booster which should be taken 30 minutes before the workout.


The Tough Guy said...

Dear Shamkhal,
I just took that B50 a few times and have not seen a big impact yet. It's too soon. But the instruction on the bottle says that I have to take it with a meal. What do you think? Also it turns my urine to crystal yellow which is very odd!