Saturday, August 01, 2009


Months of June and July have been the worst in regards to Cooper Test practice. One reason is my evening shifts that makes me bike back home. An hour or more journey on a uphill road, mostly. I started my practices in July.30 and I promised me to do every other day. Yesterday was the second day. I have kept my promise so far!
Tonight is the start of my 5 night evening shift in a row. I try not to consume so much energy and give the muscles a break in order to be able to work out tomorrow. I'll go to the gym even if I'm not running. I'll do the other exercises. Here's the practice result of the past two months. (I'm ashamed):
June.05.09 1.42
July.30.09 1.39
Aug.01.09 1.39
A significant deterioration is seen clearly.


Anonymous said...

Hi bro,

Is the Cooper test for joining the Police? Here the Police is well paid, they start at around $50K when they are cadets and close to 60K when they graduate, and go higher and higher.

You can boost your strength with Ginseng, herbal tea or off the shelf supplements in drug stores, like the Red Dragon ginseng. Also vitamin B50 (B Complex) does magic when you need more neuro-muscular endurance.

Also, talk to your muscles when doing the practice, and ask them to hold on and show more power, somehow this technique magically works, I guess does some extra production of Adrenalins of other booster in the system and they work longer and hurt less.


Anonymous said...

We are all getting old, day by day, that's why I have hidden my birth certificate in a safety deposit box at the bank and don't touch it :)

So, considering that you are planning to get out of BC, then it must be RCMP or something else at Federal level, since joining the police force in BC is a way to guarantee that you will have to stick around for a long time.

I don't know if you would be interested in Shamanism, especially the modern version of it with practical use in day to day life. There are several techniques in that which can help you with your practices and more importantly with your tests. If you would be interested I would recommend this book:

Me and some of my friends have read and used the book and it have worked for us very amazingly in several occasions. You might want to give a try.


The Tough Guy said...

Thanks my friend. I just bought a bottle of B Complex and tried it for the first time today after my work out. Obviously it takes a few months to see the results. I'm not practicing for the RCMP. I'm getting ready for the CF (Canadian Forces) which is not easier in many ways. I'll check that book and will talk to you about that soon. Thanks again.