Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Amazing Effect of Music

I went to gym for my Cooper Test practice on Wed. after almost 10 days again. That was the time the cyclists were practicing next to us. They have an amplifier and music is playing very load. I found it very helpful. If you focus on the run and get assistance from the song and harmonize your paces with the beats, you almost never feel tiredness! I did not get a good time though as I was tired because of 8 hours straight work. I got 1.41 miles but at the end I thought I still could go. I'm not sure if listening to music from an MP3 Player has the same result as I've never tried it but many people do. I think it's the echo, loudness and beat of the music which helps, something almost impossible to get when you listen to it through an iPod or something like that without damaging your inner ear!
(Photo: Apple Inc. has gained millions from his product iPod which was gained popularity in 2004, first. Many people use it everywhere while physicians warn of the possible damages to ear which might cause hearing loss when they age)

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