Saturday, August 15, 2009

Julie and Julia

I am a big movie buff and I have written about different movies several times but I usually write about the ones which impresses me. This one, Juile and Julia, we watched last night was not amongst them but I'm writing about it because it was different. A different topic was presented: Cooking. That something that the North Americans have problem with. There's no American or Canadian food but different types of Hamburgers and Steak. When it comes to cooking they have to resort to Italians, French and Asians, if they can.
Julie and Julia might be boring to some people and at the same time interesting to others as it's a new subject to talk about in the format of feature presentation. None of the actor and actresses were known to me but Meryl Streep. It felt a bit long but at the end everyone was happy: Julie, Julia and us!
(Photo: Meryl Streep and Amy Adams in the primier of the movie)


Anonymous said...

Hi bro!

Have you seen "District 9"? I saw it last night and was heavily disappointed. I am happy I had downloaded the movie or it would have hurt even worse!

BTW the yellow color in urine is due to the excess of the B being sent out of the system. That's why I recommended taking it close to your practice time since the excess will be flushed out very quickly.

If the B is not showing enough effect, may be you are not taking enough rest daily. They show a boost if you are in good shape regarding your sleep, otherwise they will be consumed to repair the damage to the nerve system and not much will be at your muscles' disposal.

Did you try talking to your muscles? Both in practice and when resting? My experience was that their endurance boosts when you talk to them and ask for their persistence and cooperation. Sounds nuts but who cares as long as it works!


The Tough Guy said...

Hello dear Shamkhal,
One problem I have at the moment is lack of enough time for practice. I have to work evening shift this stupid job of mine every other week and that deprives me from going to gym. There hasn't been a steady exercise. That's one important problem. And then no! I haven't talked to my muscles yet. Give me a bit more detail.
Thanks for all your help