Friday, August 14, 2009

Confusion Over the Economic Downturn

Whoever bastard started this shit that we're all in at the moment, is getting away from it. Life in prison would match the crime they committed. And now we are half way through the month of August and nobody know what's goin' to happen. People, the officials and the economists say different things every day and contradict themselves!
Brit"Shit" Columbia has his eye on the Olympic and many jobs have been created to answer the needs. Obviously the unemployment rate will hit the sky right after that. In the other hand it might remain the same! Why? because as I previously mentioned many projects are completed here using temporary foreign laborers. One day it's said the recession is over and the other day another person says that prediction was very optimist. In July only more than 46,000 people lost their jobs in Canada and that Buy American shit offered by that filthy dog, Obama is having big impacts on Canadian economy, especially in manufacturing.
It's a little odd that I can see many American vehicles in Brit"Shit" Columbia! They come from almost everywhere: California, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, Washington, Portland, etc. You could say that some of them are tourists but not all of them. That reminds me of the Great Depression of the 30s. Americans were in such a big trouble that when the then USSR advertised for 6000 position, more than 100,000 applications were received! Of course the Socialist system of the soviets was unaffected by the economic turmoil. More people immigrated from the US than immigrating to the country, many of them to the USSR. And the soviets accepted them there and treated them very well. Many of them were arrested and tried as potential spies!
This depression is not as bad as that one but still ruling. They say everything goes back to normal in 2013. The question is can we survive until then?
(Photo: This picture chosen from a Soviet woman's diary shows who suspected, including the poor immigrating Americans are dealt with in the USSR labour camps)

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